Woman Is Worried About 93-Year-Old Widowed Neighbor… Then A Stray Pup Shows Up At The Door

Dogs have the ability to lift our spirits and these animals bring so much value to our lives! Dog owners know just how special a pooch can be… just like any other member of the family! Dealing with loss is hard, but God always gives us a way to get through it. For this 93-year-old man, help came in the form of a stray dog.

Chuck had been married to his loving wife for 75 years, and it crushed him when she passed away. Chuck became very sad and lonely without his wife around, and many of his friends and family members became concerned about his wellbeing. One of Chuck’s neighbors, Nancy, saw just how depressed the widowed man was, but then she stumbled across something that seemed to be heaven-sent.

That gift was a puppy! The little pup showed up randomly at Nancy’s door one day and she had no idea who she belonged to. She went over and knocked on Chuck’s door to see if he knew who the dog belonged to. As soon as Chuck opened the door and saw the puppy, a huge smile spread across his face. He admitted to Nancy that the dog was not his, but that he would love to care for it. Nancy asked Chuck if he would hold on to the dog until she found out if he had a home or was just a stray… and he gladly accepted!

Nancy posted pictures of the dog all around the neighborhood and online, but not one person came forward to claim him. The news was great for Chuck, who decided to keep the dog and name her Mitzie. Life has changed for Chuck ever since taking in Mitzie and he isn’t so lonely anymore. Mitzie keeps Chuck busy with her bright, young energy. In fact, even Chuck’s kids have noticed a positive change in their father, and are thankful that the pup showed up when she did!


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