Cowboy Single-Handedly Stops Armed Robber

People handle fears in different ways. Sometimes we panic and can’t move. Other times we do the opposite and adrenaline kicks in to makes us do things we never thought imaginable. In this video, we see the power of teamwork and that adrenaline combined.

It was a typical day in Monterrey, Mexico at a local convenience store. Out of nowhere a slender man ran into the store and held a gun up to the cashier. A quick thinking customer along with two fast acting employees, together caught the bad guy and possibly saved their lives.

Only a few seconds went by after the robber came into the store. He waved his gun in the direction of the cashier, then a customer, and then turned his back towards someone else in the store.

It was in that moment that a man in a cowboy hat attacked the gunman while another man grabbed the gun. The robber tried to run out of the store after he lost his weapon but was met with the other employees both grabbing him and knocking him to the floor.

Things could have gone very wrong if everyone didn’t do their part.

The entire scene was captured on a security camera and posted to social media. It has received more than 3 million views.

Thank you for protecting everyone from harm. Amen!

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