Teen Challenges Cop To Drum With High School Band Clueless Of Mistake In Underestimating Him

Cops all day and night looking after people and making sure they are safe. That’s one reason why people often mistakenly think that they’re always serious and don’t have time to have fun, unwind, and just enjoy life.

The truth, however, is that cops are just normal people and have normal hobbies, passions, and families. And when they are given the opportunity to do what they love, they seize that opportunity just like anyone else.

So, when Cpl. Les Munn was challenged by a student to join their school band to play the drums, he couldn’t say no. He felt some stage fright, but stepped up to the plate and this happened:

In an interview, he shared:

“I was nervous, it had been a long time since I’d played so I didn’t want to let them down and [I was] hoping my skills were gonna hold up.”

Les’ performance was all due to a dare from the student. While he was patrolling the football game, there were a couple of band members who were moving their equipment up into the stands. One of the students was complaining about the heavy equipment and how Les should carry it up for them.

He agreed, and the band member then dared him to come up in the stands with the rest of them so that they can show him how to play.

Surprisingly, Les played extremely well and had a lot of fun while playing in front of the crowd. He was such a big hit to both the students of the Arkansas High School and their parents. He said that he hadn’t played the drums since he was 23! He never missed a beat and he was very tuned in to the song they were playing. The band members next to him couldn’t believe their eyes.

He earned a lot of recognition and smiles from the performance. Les’ performance really showed that police officers are human beings, too. They have talent in many areas and have much to give to their communities.

Les was invited to perform next season, and we will all be looking forward to seeing him back in front of the crowd.

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