93-year-old D-day veteran dies with no one to carry casket – then six teens show up in uniform

In America, we value our military and recognize these men and women as our heroes. They serve and protect us with their lives and for that we thank them. Navy vet George Johnson, 93 years old, was also a hero to a German shepherd just days before it was scheduled to be put down.

Sam is a beautiful 13-year-old German Shepard. The dog’s original owner joined the Navy and had to leave the country. This left the fluffy white dog homeless.

It just so happened, George was on the lookout for a mature adult dog. His desire was to adopt instead of finding a puppy. He called around with his request to local animal rescues but didn’t have much luck.

One day George’s phone rang and it was an organization that rescued German Shepherds. They shared Sam’s story and George knew this was his perfect pet. When he heard the mutual Navy connection between himself and the previous owner, he knew it was meant to be.

“The young fella that raised him was gonna join the Navy and since I, an old retired Navy man with three wars under my belt, I figured nobody’s gonna put his dog to sleep.”

George is confident the two of them will enjoy many moments for the rest of their lives.

“Two old gentlemen,” laughed George in an interview. “Two old dogs together…and we’re gonna hang in there as long as we can.”

Bless this sweet friendship. Let’s be thankful for our veterans.

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