Woman Shares Hilarious & Unusual Way Of Getting House Guests To Leave

No matter what the situation is, the good Lord has given us enough mental capacity to solve the problems we are facing. Sometimes, we may not be able to solve issues by straightforward means, and may have to use witty, unusual methods instead, like this lady in today’s story did when she had guests who turned out to be a tad too annoying for her. Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear – we have the ability to face any situation, and don’t need to constantly whine about our problems to God!

Obviously asking her guests to leave was downright rude and as a host, it was not something expected of her. But Angela Brisk was not one to be defeated – she came up with an idea so clever that she made sure she will not have to host those annoying guests again! What did she do? She posted a picture of her pouring water from thawed sausages into ice trays, adding a caption that she used those ice cubes for guests she did not like. Call it genius, call it evil, call it unnecessary – the bottom line is that Angela found a way to solve her issues without having to work a sweat – and, without causing anyone any harm! This just goes to prove that we can manage anything if we just apply our brains to it. Great work Angela!

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