This Picture Reveals What’s Actually In Nutella & It May Make You Rethink Nutrition Labels

Eating healthy is so important, and luckily there are many foods that are delicious as well as nutritious! However, there are still products out there that are marketed as “healthy” even though they really aren’t very good for us. So many of us love chocolate and hazelnuts, so it is great news when we hear that there is a delicious spread called Nutella made with these two ingredients that is supposed to be healthy.

Ads for this popular product often feature happy, healthy-looking children who are eating slices of whole-grain bread that are slathered in Nutella for breakfast. In many countries, Nutella marketed as a simple hazelnut cream, and the ads for the spread often highlight the fact that Nutella has no artificial colors or preservatives. Unfortunately, though, Nutella is not exactly a health food.

A photo that was uploaded to Reddit is now going viral because it shows exactly what is in a jar of Nutella. And while Nutella contains just five ingredients (palm oil, cocoa, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, and sugar), a whopping half of the jar is just plain sugar. According to its nutritional label, a jar of Nutella has 21 grams of sugar for every 2 tablespoons of the spread, and this means that in reality, more than half of it is sugar. And the next most prevalent ingredient in the spread is palm oil, which is solid fat that some claim even causes cancer.

So, next time you reach for that jar of Nutella, remember to think about portion size and eat it in moderation!

[Source/Business Insider]

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