Wife Gets Roses From Hubby After She Dreams He Cheated On Her

Chris arrived home on a Sunday morning exhausted after working a 36-hour shift at the firehouse. His wife was incredibly upset when she saw him walk through the door.  She had dreamt something terrible and reluctantly shared the details with Chris. It turns out he had cheated on her.  Not in real life, of course, but in her dream. She knew that her devoted hubby would never cheat on her in real life, but she was very shaken up over her dream.

They eventually woke up their two-year-old daughter and ate breakfast together. As they were getting ready for church, Chris could tell that she was still upset, he shared with Love What Matters.

So after church, Chris took his daughter shopping. He had a plan…

“While we were out, I passed by a flower shop. I decided to get my wife some roses to brighten up her day. I took them home and wrote a little note on a piece of paper I found in the kitchen. I wanted her to feel loved and also bring light and humor to the situation knowing my wife would enjoy the flowers and be able to laugh about it after the fact.”

Chris had always put his wife first, demonstrating regularly how much he loved her and trying to make her laugh and smile. He loved surprising his wife with flowers for no good reason, not just for Valentine’s Day or her birthday.

“That makes them so much more valuable. You don’t always have to get the most expensive things. A simple kind, thoughtful gesture is more meaningful in my opinion. I always want my wife to feel loved and appreciated every day of the week not just around certain holidays.”

“I’m sorry I cheated on you in your dreams. I’m an A**. I would love to say it won’t happen again but it’s out of my control. Haha”

Chris also has two boys and intentionally shows all of his kiddos how they should treat a spouse, he said. It’s important to him and to their future.

“When my sons see how I treat my wife, I hope that when they grow older they will also treat their girlfriends and wives the same as they saw me do while they were growing up. Also, in the same respect, when our daughter grows up she will also see how her mother was treated and hopefully she will not settle for anything less in life.”

Not only did Chris remind his wife just how much he loves her on a random Sunday, he also brought a little humor to their ordeal.

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