5-year-old stuns congregation with his earnest prayer

Religion and faith does not discriminate on the basis of gender, color, or age. You do not have to be an of a certain age to be eligible to offer your prayers to the Lord Almighty. Faith comes to those who are willing to believe in an entity that is omnipresent and guides us all through thick and thin. 

While some people begin to trust in God through the everyday experiences in life, the others do not need a reason to have faith in the unprecedented powers of the Almighty. And what could prove this better than the 5-year-old Isaiah Jackson who has developed a strong faith in Jesus at a tender age.

Prayer is the simplest and purest way of striking a connection with God and offering Him our deep respect and love. It is one of the most important disciplines for those who hold a strong faith in Jesus. As Mark 1:35 signifies, Jesus Himself went out to a solitary place to pray in the wee hours of the morning. Connecting with God helped Jesus on his mission to heal and teach his disciples and help ease the suffering of people by casting out demons.

Although still fairly young to understand the nuances of the Holy Bible, Isaiah Jackson holds God dear to his heart and doesn’t hesitate to show the world his love for Jesus. And if you believe in the power of God, you might want to watch Isaiah’s video below.

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