Waitress Receives $10,000 Tip from Customer Who Ordered 2 Waters at Hot Dog Restaurant

Working as a server while paying for tuition can have its perks. Personally, I loved the free food (pizza and breadsticks), meeting new people, and…you guessed it, the tips! I’m pretty sure the staff at Sup Dogs couldn’t agree more.

Located in North Carolina, Sup Dogs is commonly visited by students wanting good, cheap eats, spirits and great songs. Ranked 15th Best Hot Dog In America by Business Insider, it’s owner Derek Oliverio was a self-taught businessman at the age of 23. He worked diligently to understand the food service industry, resulting in the now successful neighborhood eatery.

Unfortunately, Derek passed away in his mid-20s after going inside his burning home to rescue his pets and never returning out. His loved ones were terribly upset and wanted to continue his legacy.

Derek’s brother Bret and sister in law jumped in to keep Sup Dogs in business. They too didn’t have any experience, but through trials and errors, they made it happen without too many mistakes.

This particular afternoon, however, there was no mistake. A visitor left a $10,000 tip!

What did he order? Two water drinks. I guess he was just thirsty.

Fun notes and comments have since flooded the venue’s social media page and website.

Bret shared, “Good people are still doing good things these days so I thought it was pretty cool. I’ve seen some really big tips but not $10,000 this was (out) of the blue, once in a lifetime, it’ll never happen again in my lifetime.”

The mystery contributor is believed to be YouTube’s “MrBeast” and frequently shares a wide range of game challenges (and giving prize money).

The woman who received the gift was naturally thrilled, blessed other staff individuals, and kept a nice amount for herself.

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