VIDEO: Boxing Champ Knocks Out Robber at Florida Pharmacy

A robber didn’t realize who he was getting in a tussle with at a pharmacy, and before he knew it, the lights had gone out.

David West, 25, was visiting his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day at a Walgreens in Bradenton, Florida. West had stopped by to see if she wanted something for lunch when the robber walked in.

“She said, ‘Subway,’ and literally like right as she said, ‘Subway,’ the gentleman walked around the counter and jumped onto the counter, demanding pain medicine,” West explained.

What the robber didn’t realize was West is a pretty good boxer. He holds two state titles.

“He started fiddling with his hands and went to reach into his pants and that’s when I reacted,” West recalled

There was a bit of a struggle at first, but then four punches were thrown and the suspect was knocked out.

I really wasn’t trying to hurt anybody, I was just trying to do what was right,” West said. “I was protecting the one I love.”

West held 26-year-old Anthony Nemeth until police arrived, giving him some encouraging words while they waited.

“I told him this, I hope he uses this as a turning point in his life,” West said.

West said he knows people who have had the same problems and hopes Nemeth can get the help he needs.

Convenience store robberies are a big problem and a major source of police attention. The last three decades have shown a rise in these types of robberies for a number of reasons. Most stores are placed in locations with easy access. While this is intended to provide quick access for customers, it also provides quick getaway opportunities for robbers.

Drug stores – or pharmacies – are especially vulnerable, as people seek to steal drugs. Whether addicts, dealers or opportunists, robberies at drug stores are on the rise. In the first half of 2015, the Drug Enforcement Agency reported that there was an average of about 76 pharmacy robberies each month in the US.

According to experts, the choice to fight back or cooperate with a robber usually depends upon the situation, if the robber is armed and how able a person is to counter-attack. In this video, this crime-fighter is very able! What do you think?

While this thief was stopped, many aren’t. Stealing of all sorts is a big problem in today’s world, and the Bible is very clear that stealing is wrong. In fact, there are over 50 verses in the Bible about stealing. Not all stealing is as clear-cut or blatant as in the case in this video. Borrowing and not returning at item, taking a taste of pre-purchased food (unless offered as a sample) and taking home supplies from work for personal use (unless specifically stated as allowed) all constitute stealing. But, God is clear that taking something that is not yours is sin.

We do not know this thief’s full intention. Luckily, he was stopped before committing his crime. You won’t want to miss the dramatic scene!

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