U.S. Army Veteran, Sam Rhodes, Was Ready To Take His Own Life Until He Started Spending Time With Stepdaughter’s Horse

Sam Rhodes is a retired veteran who served in the army for nearly 3 decades.

He was having a difficult time after retiring and getting used to the standard American life. “The challenge of what I suffered while I was coming back from war is adapting. I want structure, I want a routine. I had that in combat, ” he said in an interview with CNN.

It was an uncomfortable place for Rhodes to be in. He was depressed and having thoughts of hurting himself.

“I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to go back. I was getting ready to take my own life,” Sam said. He explained how going back into combat felt like a safe place for him.

His doctor told him he was suffering from PTSD.

Soon after, Sam began working with a counselor. But Sam realized something else was making a big difference. He had recently started helping out with his step daughter’s horse and noticed how it made impacted his spirits.

“Cleaning stalls. Putting up fences. It made me feel like I had a purpose,” he shared.

After realizing how special this was in his life, he decided to bless others. Sam started an organization with hopes of sharing his experience. “It started as an idea to get people exposed to horses and get them to understand just how much it helps,” he said.

In addition to supporting the veterans and families with his group, it also provides friendship amongst the retired soldiers.

It’s amazing how one horse not only changed Sam’s life but many others as well.

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