Trash collectors are about to crush garbage when they hear screams coming from a bag

When God created us, one of the commands He gave us was to care for creation. More than farming or animal husbandry, genuine care of pets engages the heart.

The cruel acts of someone in Reading, Pennsylvania, is making news as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty one doctor has ever seen.

While on their route two sanitation workers began crushing the garbage in their truck. As the noisy mechanisms of the truck started to compact the trash in the back, they heard screams of an animal. They snatched the bag out and opened it to find a cat, doused in gasoline, and barely alive.

The small feline arrived at a vet where she was treated for malnourishment, abuse, and neglect. Named Miracle Maisy, this helpless animal clung to life with all her might to stay alive. Once medically cleared by the vet, this sweet, grey cat will find a new home where she will be cared for as God intended.

We honor those two men who saved this defenseless animal and the team who worked feverishly to save her life. May God bless them all.

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