Burger King Employee Saves The Day When Woman Has Medical Emergency At Drive-Thru

We are the instruments through which God shows His goodness to the world. People who are truly in union with God will always help those in need. Angels come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and God works through them all! The sweetest gift is an act of kindness, as Rebecca Boeing found out one fateful day. Rebecca is a retired cop and suffers from diabetes. One day as she was driving on the interstate, her blood sugar level dropped too low. Rebecca was able to pull off the interstate and into a nearby Burger King drive-through. As she placed her order she managed to explain her situation to the attendant. What happened next surprised Rebecca in a way she could have never imagined.

The Burger King attendant Tina Hardy had left her station and came running towards Rebecca’s car. Tina brought her a serving of ice cream which she made Rebecca eat to give her blood sugar a quick boost. Once Rebecca felt better, Tina helped her complete her order. Tina also insisted that Rebecca remain in the parking lot and finish her meal. Tina did not want Rebecca to drive off until she had eaten and was feeling better. Rebecca was so touched by Tina’s kindness that she went back to the drive-through window to take a picture of Tina to show the world the face of an angel. Tina Hardy’s story has gone viral and we hope it will inspire more people to be kind and compassionate.

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