Two observant teenagers notice woman in distress – call 911 and rescue the kidnapped woman

When you typically think of teenagers, you perceive them as obnoxious little children with a know-it-all attitude. However, that’s not always true. Yes, teenagers can be annoying, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their heart and brains in the right place.

Aaron and Jamal, aged and 19 and 17, respectively, are proof that even youngsters can do more than just rebel against their elders.

The two young men, who were out for a late-night drive, were trying to overtake another car on the Texas, USA highway. As they passed the car, they noticed a woman at the back who didn’t look like she was in a good place. In line with their suspicion, the woman eventually mouthed the words “help me” when they made eye contact.

Naturally, Aaron and Jamal were shocked and stunned. So, the two jumped into action and immediately called the cops. The boys told the person on the other end what they had just witnessed. In fact, the two never hung up. They stayed on line as they kept tailing the other car.

Eventually, the police arrived and managed to catch up with the suspect’s car. As expected, the women had been kidnapped by the driver, a male, while on her way back from a party at her workplace.

Click on the video link to find out what finally happened and how the whole thing played out.

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