Toddler Breaks Down Sobbing Seeing Presents As Mom’s Captured Footage Melts Internet’s Heart

Birthday’s are such a fun bookmark in our lives to take notice of where we are and be thankful for another year on God’s green earth. For little ones, this is commonly a time of great joy, as kids are very excited to grow up. At a young age, I didn’t fully realize all that my parents did for me on these special occasions. This isn’t so for three-year-old Finlay Strafford. The young child understood well beyond his years and even cried tears of joy and appreciation.

Footage of the little boy was captured by his mother and has gone viral very quickly. Viewers are amazed at the young child’s awareness.

The video shows the excited blond walking into a room as his family says ‘Happy Birthday!” They all watched the toddler’s expression of surprise.

As Finlay looked in awe at a pile of wrapped gifts he was obviously overwhelmed with happiness. He spoke through his emotions to his mother.

“Wow! Mommy I can’t even believe it. Nah. No way. No, there’s no way there are lots and lots of presents,” he questioned as he wiped his tears with his stuffed animal.

His mother expressed how cute it was to see him cry.

“Mom, why is there so many presents?” he said standing in his pajamas.

He collected himself and walked towards his gifts, ready to rip them open.

What a wonderful trait to have so early in life. Gratitude. This young man’s tender heart is sure to make his parents proud.

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