Mysterious Image of Mary Holding Baby Jesus Growing in Tree

A tree in Iowa is gaining some unexpected attention after a shape – which some say resembles Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus – mysteriously appeared on its trunk.

Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.
Psalm 73:23

Parents hold their children’s hands, especially when the child is small. Lovers hold hands. Wounded or weary people may hold another’s hand to steady themselves while standing or walking. A teammate might offer his hand to a fallen comrade to assist him to his feet as a sign of respect and good sportsmanship.

Holding someone’s hand is a sign of affection, support, comfort, and confidence. God extends his hand to us this way on a daily basis, reminding us that we never have to walk alone. We are loved, we are strong, and we are protected. His hand holds ours and connects us to him as his beloved child. We have intimate access to the God of the universe—so much so that he holds our hand!

Today, celebrate being God’s child and allow him to hold your hand.

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Pray: “Dear Father, for all my grown-up responsibilities and roles, I’m always your child. Thank you for holding my hand and going with me each step, each day.”

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