‘The Voice’ addresses last week’s scandal; ‘Voice’ viewers still mad

Last week the biggest scandal in The Voice history took place. Adam Levine’s apparent favorite team member, Reagan Strange, won the Instant Save sing-off without actually singing. (She strangely sat on the sidelines wearing full hair and makeup (and a bathrobe) Meanwhile, Adam threw one of his other contestants, DeAndre Nico — who actually did sing — under the bus. Every fan of the show in America, including Kelly Clarkson, was outraged.

Viewers are still mad six days later, as Adam and Reagan returned for Monday’s top eight performance episode. The show tried to address the fallout from the incident.

However, after taking a look at Twitter, it appears fans are still mad.

To explain, shortly after his controversial elimination, DeAndre performed a TV interview with 12 News during which he seemed to be very upset, saying Adam had “sold [him] out” and implying that Reagan’s reason for not singing last week had something to do with “anxiety.” Then, Reagan posted a defensive tweet (“I don’t expect some people to understand. They weren’t there.”) that did very little to calm down the outraged masses.

This week, Adam — who had been MIA on Twitter since last week’s results show debacle — claimed that everything was now under control and he had been forgiven. “It was a strange week, but it’s over now,” he insisted unconvincingly. “DeAndre’s my boy. I love him. We talked.”

Fans did not seem to buy it. When Adam and Reagan called DeAndre during Monday’s rehearsal, viewers on Twitter balked at how staged it looked. Many joked that DeAndre may have been paid to act along. Afterwards, when Adam and Reagan starred in a supposedly feel-good segment for Toys for Tots, the internet was not buying it.

Judging from Adam’s comments, he knows #Bathrobegate has doomed Reagan and is likely to keep her out of next week’s finale. “Regardless of what happens tomorrow and next week, I think that you have a very bright future, and it’s been an honor being your coach, no matter what happens,” was his send-off.

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