Identical Twin Sisters Spotted ‘Fighting’ in Mom’s Womb During Ultrasound

Siblings often fight for everything. It is a common occurrence which usually stops when siblings grow up to be mature adults. But have you ever seen sibling fighting in the womb?

Mrs. Tao was four months pregnant with identical twins when she was accompanied by Mr. Tao to a prenatal check-up. It is very common for unborn twins to interact in the womb, and Mr. Tao had witnessed them interacting before. But this time, it was something very different.

Cherry and Strawberry, the twins were nicknamed after their mother’s favorite fruits. Their pregnancy was known as monochorionic-monoamniotic twin pregnancy where they shared the same amniotic sac and placenta. Also called the ‘Mo-Mo’ twins, it posed one of the highest types of risks involved with twin pregnancies.

Mr. Tao had often seen one of the twins cuddling up against the other. But this time, it was completely different. During the amniotic fluid tests, Mr. Tao witnessed the twins boxing with each other for a few rounds. They were kicking and punching each other from within their mother’s womb. Mr. Tao was happy to be there during the amniotic fluid tests and to witness this event.

Though ‘Mo-Mo’ twin is a risky pregnancy, Cherry and Strawberry were born healthy at 32 weeks via cesarean section. It was God’s blessing that the twins were born healthy. They were the first set of Mo-Mo twins to be successfully birthed in that hospital. Thanks to God’s blessings, the feisty twins have a long, happy, and healthy life to live.

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