Tigers incredible motherly instincts kick in to save lifeless cub

The gift of being a parent is something so special and meaningful. We even see these natural instincts in the wild. This was captured recently with the birth of two baby Tigers on the endangered species list.

At a zoo in Australia, it was a big day for one mama tiger. Zoo employees were set and prepared to step in in case of any birthing problems. After being in labor for about 5 hours, the first little boy was on his way into the word.

After the Sumatran tiger, gave birth to her first baby, there was a small hiccup. It was covered in a sac that is natural for the birthing process. It was unable to breathe at first but after a while, the mom tiger was able to get it removed from the babies face. Everyone was nervous at first but found relief after the cub made its first cries. Fortunately, things worked out and staffers did not need to assist.

Mama tiger delivered a second son as well and everyone who watched was thrilled at how active he was.

There are about 500 Sumatran tigers left on Earth. The beautiful tigers considered the smallest surviving subspecies and critically endangered.

What a great blessing to see the beautiful process of childbirth. Let’s pray for all of Gods darling creatures and may these little boys grow up to be big and strong. Hopefully, these two little boys will help to increase the population with children of their own one day.

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