Three Legged Kitten Meets One-Armed Toddler Then Everyone Starts To Tear Up

Lille 2-year-old Scarlette Tipton was born with a rare form of cancer and lost her left arm because of the disease.

She will require more procedures and check-ups in her early life. Her parents had decided that as part of her recovery, they wanted her to adopt a special needs kitten since Scarlette has always been in love with cats.

“We really wanted to get her an animal that she could kind of relate to, something that she could grow up with and feel like she has a special bond with,” her mother said.

The search finally came to an end Christmas Eve, after learning of Holly, a three month old kitten who suffered an injury to one of her front legs that had to be amputated.

The family drove just two hours to pick up Holly, and Scarlette’s mother immediately saw a bond between her daughter and the kitten.

When Scarlette and Holly met they soon became BFFs!

The Employees of the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus also noticed the amazing connection bewteen the two.

“It really touched everybody’s heart,” Ellen Sanders said. “We had some hope. We had some possible joy come out of this.”

Scarlette renamed the little kitten ‘Doc’ in honr of one of her favorite characters who is a vet on a kid’s show that fixes stuffed animals.

The kitten and Scarlette have shared so much time with doctors aready, the name just made sense really.

They share a special bond that most of us will never understand.

What amazing love shown between the two.

Watch the video below, it may bring a few tears to your eyes.

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