Thousands Join Kayne West for ‘Sunday Service’ event in Wyoming

Imagine attending a Sunday worship service and having the pleasure of witnessing Kayne West offer his service to God?

On Sunday 23rd September, an outdoor worship service was held at Robbie Powwow Garden on the grounds of the Buffalo Bill Center. Nearly four thousand people showed up to the service unaware that Kanye West would be a part of it.

BBCW PR and marketing manager Levi Meyer said that there was very little notice given regarding the event but the turnout was amazing. He was happy that the crowd mostly in their Sunday best were very positive and polite. People from Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, Seattle, Spokane, and Denver came to attend the event.

It was reported that Kayne West started the worship service at his home and then took it on the road. It was also reported in the Instagram account for the event that around eighty singers flew from Burbank, California, to Cody that Sunday morning to be a part of the event which began at noon.

The service started at noon though guests were admitted from 11 A.M. into the grounds. Director Jason White lead the choir which was congregated in a circle in the center of the grassy area. Kayne West joined them a little later with several other people. The crowd erupted with cheers as soon as they recognized the rapper in the midst of the choir.

Kayne West opened the service with ‘Ultralight Beam’ from his 2016 ‘The Life of Pablo’. He also sang with the choir in parts. The event ended an hour later and Kayne West left waving at the crowd as he left.

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