5 Photos That Will Make Most People Uncomfortable

When we learn to laugh at the silly things in life we can acknowledge the greatness of God. God blessed us with our senses to have a full experience here on earth. Sometimes when things don’t always go as planned we need to see the humor in it and just laugh. Laughter is God’s medicine that helps us to de-stress and heal, and it makes life a lot more enjoyable.

A collection of pictures were made that can have some people banging their head on a wall. These pictures some of life’s not so perfect moments, the little things that can really get to you, but we chose to laugh at how funny these pictures really are.

1. A picture of a remote control with the off button in green and the on the button in red can really drive someone crazy. While we do feel for the person using that remote we couldn’t help having a laugh.

2. Imagine patterned floor tiles all neatly fitted in synchronously only to have one tile angled differently to all the rest. Yes, you might want to pull your hair out, but someone was having a bit of fun.

3. When you fix your basketball net right below your glass window you really should expect a few accidents.

4. One gravity-defying innovation that a certain car model included was horizontal cup holders. Perhaps they hoped that the drinks wouldn’t spill on pure willpower.

5. And finally a picture of something that happens a little too often for comfort; mirrors on the ceiling in a public washroom with a clear view of inside the stalls.

Next time you see something that is not quite right, take a picture and don’t forget to laugh.

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