They said he might never walk or talk again, now he says his first words after car crash 2 years ago

South Carolina teen, Jackson Gannon recently said his first word since he suffered a devastating brain injury in a head-on automobile collision in 2017.

The accident left Jackson with severe brain damage, pneumonia, a staph infection, and a blood clot according to local WBTV news.

Doctors gave Jackson and his family a dire prognosis. If Jackson survived, he might never walk or talk again.

In the nearly two years since the accident, Jackson’s shown remarkable improvements. He can walk on his own again – goodbye wheelchair – and most recently he spoke for the first time.

Jackson’s mom shared the video on his Praying for Jackson Facebook page to share with the world his first words. He carefully brings his finger up to his mouth, starts the “shh” sound and forms the word, “she.” He tries again and says, “shh…shoe.”

The post said “Jackson’s first words!!!!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!! Jackson is beginning to speak!!! #toGodbethedlory #hardworkpaysoff #happytears.”

Between the exclamation marks and the hashtags, it might be an understatement to say this family is excited.

Before the accident, Jackson was a high school wrestler and aspired to be collegiate All-American or travel overseas as a missionary. Though his path may look different than he dreamed people all over the world are hearing and reading about his story and how faithful God has been through the whole thing. As God brings healing to a young man who was never supposed to talk or walk again, people are seeing God’s goodness here, in the land of the living.

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