Terrified dog set to be put down: Watch the incredible reaction when she realizes she’s saved

Those who work with pets will know the significance of allowing a neglected creature to make the first step. It’s normal, of course, to want to pat and play with a dog to demonstrate that you mean no harm, but that’s not always the best way.

Some people simply don’t understand that a dog with knowledge of being mistreated may be caught off guard by a full stranger.

Edie, an abandoned mixed breed dog, was hours away from being put to sleep. She was frightened by individuals, and it had been a long, long time since she was cared for by anyone. Her fur was a mess and she suffered dangerous malnutrition. To offer Edie a second opportunity, it took a real animal lover.

It’s hard to watch the first portion of the video. Edie is so scared she doesn’t understand what to do with herself. Her entire body is shaking as she barks to ward off the person she sees as a threat.

The guy in the video is able to snare Edie and prevent her from running away. He can get closer to her now.

It doesn’t take long to build a trust agreement after that. Edie starts to realize he’s not there to hurt her but to assist her. The moment she realizes that she will no longer be put down, you can almost see.

Take the moment to convey our appreciation to those who are dedicating their life to assisting needy pets.

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