Heartbreaking Story Behind 6-year-old’s Birthday Photo

If you have little children, you might be able to relate to how much stress birthday parties can be. I myself have experienced something very much like this where we invited the whole 30 kid class and only 2 show up. Its very heart wrenching to see your child so full of joy on his birthday and then that turn to sadness and the feeling like no one likes him.

Well this story has a happy ending at least. Little Teddy handed out invitations to 32 of his classmates to his birthday party at a pizza place and arcade last weekend. But none of the kids showed up.

This week the boy’s mother, Sil Mazzini, posted a picture on Facebook of Teddy surrounded by pizza and empty rows of tables and plates at the restaurant in Tucson, Ariz. The look on Teddy’s face is heartbreaking.

Mazzini told Fox News she had made 32 goodie bags for Teddy to hand out to his classmates along with invitations to his party — she even spoke to some of the children’s parents, who said their children would come. But they didn’t.

There is a happy ending for Teddy though — the picture has since caught the attention of two Phoenix sports teams, who offered the birthday boy free tickets to celebrate with them at upcoming games.

The Phoenix Suns welcomed Teddy and his family to watch Wednesday’s NBA match against the L.A. Lakers. Which means Lebron is coming!

The Phoenix Rising football team also extended an invitation, with their vice president confirming Teddy will be at Friday’s game.

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