Teen Symbolically Takes Her Late Brother To Prom By Creating Dress Covered With Photos Of His Face

In 2017, 16-year-old Antonio Frierson of Indianapolis was shot and murdered by another boy he was playing with. According to WXIM, the other boy, Micah Sanders, was playing around with a gun and pointed it at Antonio’s head when it went off.

Sanders, who was 17 years old at the time, pleaded guilty to all charges and was tried as an adult.

Like pretty much every teenager, Antonio had always dreamed of going to prom, and he was certain who he would take with him – his sister Antonett.

Tragically, Antonio never was able to experience prom night.

So when the time came for Antonett to prepare to go to prom, she reached out to Mariah Jackson — a local fashion designer who was also befallen by gun violence – one of her closest friends had been taken away due to gun violence.

With Mariah’s assistance, Antonett was able to make something so incredible and invaluable out of the sweet memories of her brother. With this option, Antonio would finally be able to attend prom in spirit.

Antonett was able to create a prom dress that is plastered with pictures of her brother… and every photo embedded on the dress has a unique story.

Her family said in a statement that the dress turned out to be more incredible than they could have imagined, and that she had a wonderful time at prom.

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