Teen Babysits Niece, But Things Go Awfully Wrong When Her Mom Gets A Chilling Text From The Bathroom

This Brave Girl Saved Her 4-Year Old Niece in the Face of a Burglar in their Home

Your home is the safest place you can imagine. But what happens when someone decides to intrude into your house? A situation like that would scare the bravest of us. This fourteen year old girl not only faced an intruder, but she also protected her four-year old niece during such an awful scenario.

Savannah Jones is a normal fourteen-year-old teenager. She was given the responsibility of babysitting her four-year old niece Zoyee by her mother, Maria. A resident of Montclair, California, Savannah was excited and happy about getting the responsibility.

On that day, when everything seemed normal, Savannah was shocked when a man knocked on the front door. Being alone with a little child, Savannah was smart and did not open the door. Slowly, the knocking became more and more vigorous. The fourteen-year-old slowly crept up to the door and peeped through the peep-hole to see a mysterious man standing on their front porch. Slowly the knocking became banging, with the man banging his fists on the door.

The fact that an unknown man standing on their front door and knocking led to Savannah jump into action. She picked up little Zoyee on her arms and quietly made it to the bathroom, hiding there. In spite of being afraid, the young teenager asked her niece not to make a sound or peep. She then texted her mother from the bathroom, and informed her about the situation going on in their home. While she was texting on the phone with her mother, who was clearly panicked, the duo heard a terrifying sound. The man had kicked down the front door of the house and had entered their home. Savannah stated that she could hear footsteps of the man breaking and entering their house.

While Savannah texted her mother Maria, she was stuck in traffic, unable to help her daughter. The mother instructed the brave girl to call 911, but Savannah couldn’t since she was afraid that the burglar would hear their voice and find out about their hiding place. Maria called a neighbor and asked them to call 911.

The intruder began to go through the house, stealing their belongings. At one point of time, the burglar entered the master bedroom, while the two girls were hiding in the adjacent bathroom, with the niece being hidden behind the toilet. The burglar ransacked their home, and left the house, without discovering that either girl was hiding in the bathroom.
Montclair Police officers responded to the call and searched the neighborhood, but were unable to find the intruder. While Jones is relieved that they are not harmed, she is still afraid of the fact that the burglar is out there in the open.  Both Zoyee’s mother as well as Savannah’s mother hailed her as a hero for protecting a little child in the face of danger. He was described as being African American, bald, wearing a pair of jeans and a dark colored sweatshirt.

Find out the Best Ways You Can Secure Your Home Better

Protecting your home lays the foundation for the protection of your family. Your family feels the safest when they are at home. However, even with protection, you will see a large number of homes being broken into across the country. It not only can lead you to lose possessions, but these thieves can also cause harm to your near and dear ones.

We find out some of the best techniques by which you can easily protect your home, and increase its safety for your family.

Get a Better Lock – Most homes come with a standard 5-lever door-mounted lock. These locks can be easily opened by using common lock-picking tools. When you move into your new home, always remember to change the locks, since you do not know how many people had access to the keys, and some of them could even have made duplicate keys. We recommend using a titanium or stainless steel-based 7-lever door mounted locking system for maximum protection.

Keep Wiring Hidden – The primary target point for burglars is the home wiring system. Disconnecting the wiring of your home means that your home alarm system as well as telephone lines are disabled, allowing a burglar to easily break into your house without much effort. To protect your home, ensure that all wiring, particularly the external ones are all concealed within the walls of the house.

Install an Alarm System – An alarm system guarantees that you will be notified when someone has broken into your house. Modern alarm systems are also capable of dialing 911, whenever they get triggered. The harsh sound of an alarm usually scares away ordinary burglars, since they know that their activity has been discovered.

Protect Your Windows – Most burglars often gain entry into a house through the window. Ensure that the windows are secured with metal structures around them so that they cannot be pried open easily. You can also install toughened glass which is much harder to break. In addition, make sure that the windows are made of multiple glass panes instead of a large single piece.

Install Interior Door Hinges – Door hinges are the weakest link in the rotating door mechanism. If the door hinges are on the outer side of the door, a burglar​can quietly remove them and gain entry inside. If you are moving into a new home, always check for the position of the hinges of the front and rear entrance.

Install Deadbolt Locks – To enhance the protection of all exterior doors, always install deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are thicker and offer greater protection compared to standard spring-based latch locks. We recommend installing 1-inch thick deadbolts with a gap of less than 5cm between the door and the frame.

Placing Metal Bars on Sliding Doors – All sliding doors should have a protective metal bar, which prevents the burglar from forcing the door open to gain entry.

Keep the Entrance Lights On – The entrance lights are some of the most basic deterrents for burglars. Keeping the entrance lights on ensures that anything going on in the front or rear of the house is easily visible to neighbors and other law enforcement agencies.

Do not Keep the Keys in the Mailbox – A lot of people do not adhere to this simple safety tip of not keeping their keys under the doormat or inside the mailbox. Doing this is just inviting burglars to rob your house! To keep your keys safe, wrap them up in tinfoil and keep them hidden at a place where only immediate family members know about.

Give the Appearance that Your House is Occupied – Burglars usually look for houses that are empty, with the homeowners away for a long time. An empty house gives them the ability create a hideout, and get some things to steal. Install automated timers that keep the lights on and off while you are away to make the burglar think that you are still inside the house.

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