Watch When Woman Starts Singing ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’ in Empty Church

With Christmas about a week away, many will be singing carols with family or friends or perhaps singing them at Church. Large crowds tend to fill the seats this time of year. One woman wanted to sing a Christmas tune, but purposely chose not to have an audience.

Malinda Kathleen Reese loves to sing. Her voice is incredible. Not only does she sing, but she also uses a comedic approach with some of her music.

Malinda does a fair amount of traveling and recently spent some time in Spain. In a recent video, Malinda was excited to perform ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’ inside of a stunning Church. She walked in and took in location. It was a beautiful space where she felt touched to sing.

As she started the lyrics to the song, she listened to how her voice bounced off of walls and ceilings of the prestigious building. Her voice continued to ring even after she stopped singing. The church was empty except for a woman and the person who recorded her. She looked up and around in awe as she heard her voice reflect back.

Reese is known for sharing her singing voice and comedic acting on social media. For humor, she likes to put lyrics of popular songs in a translator and sing the translated version of the song. She plays different roles and sings as different characters.

Her fans enjoyed the pure moment she shared online. Her simple video had a large impact truly embracing the lyrics and praise for the meaning of Christmas.

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