Sick Woman Prays For God To Take Her To Heaven… And Then A Miracle Happens!

Our God is so loving and caring, he is always here for us with his arms wide open. We may make mistakes and stray from him, but it is never too late to surrender your life back over to the Lord. Here is the testimony of Clark and Vici Francoies who underwent major trials in their life, but God has redeemed and healed them!

Clarks story

“My Wife and I were managing a large property. She was the office manager and I was outside manager.
She became to sick to work and I had to take total care of her. We ended up losing everything. The income, the medical insurance, no savings, lost house and all belongings. When I heard her in the other room cry out to God for help My first thought was Of corse God!!…God can help us!!!…what would it hurt!
When I lost everything else the only thing I had to offer God was me. I was loosing my Wife- all I had to offer God was me…I gave God ALL of me if he would save my Wife. I gave everything to God that day and my wife and I have been studying God’s word together every day and we listen to christian radio. God has blessed us so much.”

Vici’s story

“I always thought of myself as a Christian. I believed in God, went to Church, if nothing else was going on, I even tithed on my “extra” money! Over the months, then years I wasn’t even trying. I just “believed” in God. (Even the devil believes right?) My husband and I became very sick in 2015. I was the worst. I became to ill to work and when my Husband had to be off to take care of me we both ended up losing our jobs. With the loss of our jobs and only sources of income we quickly lost everything else. Unemployment ran out, couldn’t get medical insurance. After the first 8 months Clark and I both had lost 80 lbs each. I was so weak I couldn’t pull my blanket over myself. I couldn’t hold down even water. I was in our living room and I was so weak, I was dying. I started praying to God telling him how sorry I am for the wasted time. I should have been a stronger example for my Children. After praying for forgiveness, I prayed for him to take me home. I told him I couldn’t do it anymore I had no strength left. But I promised God that day, October 9 2015 that if I lived through the night, I would spend every day that I am blessed with serving God. For the next three days everything I ate stayed down and I was able to regain some strength.

The only scripture that I could remember was “study to show thy self approved ” so I have been really trying to “STUDY” the bible for myself. I am building a relationship…not a religion. I was so very clumsy at first in my excitement of being saved and Alive, I didn’t Die, and God wants to use me that I know I didn’t do it right. I hurt my very best friend and I pray God fixes my mistakes…I am trying to get better at sharing but this is very hard for me. But God has been tugging at my heart to write my story for about two years. This is the first step. God must have something for me to do! This illness has left me allergic to: Gluten, yeast, dairy, almonds, xanthum Gum, Soy, and it has taken most of my memory. I used to be very social, now I don’t go out to eat and we very seldom eat with other people because of my food allergies.

All this being said, I am better every day with God’s help. Looking back now if I had not made that prayer that night October 9th or if I had died any time in my live before then, I would have died and gone to HELL! Think about the phantom pain someone with an amputation feels. The body part isn’t there but you feel the pain, and itch it as if it were. That is your soul feeling it. Same thing when you die, the physical body is gone but you will forever feel the new body Christ gives us or you will feel fires of hell forever!! The bible tells us all that the road is narrow and few find it. Ask yourself, if you die tonight are you going to spend eternity living or spend eternity dying?”

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