5 Worst Things About Engaging in Premarital Sex

Someone once said, “Inside every person is a God-shaped vacuum that only God can fill”, and rightly so! We try to find comfort in activities such as sexual intimacy to eliminate stress from our lives. Little do we know that true satisfaction can come only from investing your faith in God. Here is a list of reasons why you might want to reconsider premarital sex.

1. It leads you into a sad emptiness that may be termed as a ‘love hangover’, and your search for self-fulfillment still continues.

2. It makes you disrespect the opposite sex and view them solely as sexual objects designed to satiate your appetite. There is nothing virtuous about looking down upon a another person.

3. Taking a closer look at the act of premarital sex, you might realize that you are actually getting intimate with a someone who will be somebody else’s spouse one day.

4. Premarital sex can go on to ruin some of the most potent alliances even before they can begin to flourish. When sex is the only focus of a relationship, you do not have the time or the inclination to actually know your partner on a more human level.

5. It is totally illogical to assume that you need to sleep with a hundred partners to zero-in on the one that is most compatible with you! There are a whole lot of other components to a relationship such as trust, honesty, love, and selflessness that can better define a couple’s compatibility than just sex.

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