She spots a baby in horrific crash scene littered with body parts so she takes off running

A mother could not help but think of her own children when she happened upon a horrific crash scene and spotted a tiny baby in the wreckage. Not wasting any time, she ran straight for the smoldering metal cars and prayed the whole time while she tried to rescue the baby.

Tulonga Neputa was riding with some colleagues when the rode upon a terrible car crash.

“You could see it had just happened, and a couple of other cars also stopped,” she recalled.

Apparently, Tulonga was the only one to notice a baby boy trapped in the wreckage.

The brave mother-of-two did not wast any time. She threw her door open and leaped out of the car.

She sprinted toward the burning cars, thinking of her own kids as she ran. In the midst of “panicking and praying,” Tulonga grabbed up the 8-month-old boy and did her best to calm him.

“Don’t cry baby, everything will be fine,” she kept telling him over and over, as he screamed.

Tulonga rocked the boy back and forth and prayed. His new found guardian angel looked him over, praying he would be okay.

“He was bleeding from the mouth and nose,” Tulonga said. “One of the other motorists said it looked as if his arm was broken, and we had to handle him very carefully.”

Tulonga cuddled the traumatized baby until the paramedics arrived.

“I was so worried about that boy,” she recalls. “When I had to hand him over to the paramedics at the accident scene, I prayed and prayed he would be okay because I did not know if his parents were killed in the accident.”

Before allowing medics to take the child from her, Tulonga again cried out to her Heavenly Father.

“God, you don’t take this one. You cannot claim this one.”

During the intense rescue, Tulonga only concerned herself with the the little boy. It wasn’t until later when he was safe that the shock wore off. Then she realized the horror of the scene.

“The dam just burst; I saw again the scene. It was horrific, with body parts everywhere,” she recalled.

One of her travel companions pulled out their phone and videoed the rescue. It didn’t take long for footage to go viral.

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