Baby boy is moved to tears by his mother’s beautiful voice

The presence of God is felt through music. This beautiful baby was touched as his mother sang a worship song titled “Good, good Father” to him. The baby’s mother Jennifer sang as if the Lord was speaking through her. It is beautiful because even a baby knows the Father.

Baby Leland was moved to tears as his mother sang a beautiful worship song at mealtime to him. He starts out looking happy but quickly assumes a solemn look. The video has garnered a lot of positive comments praising the mother for her beautiful approach to raising her child.

Many people have correctly interpreted that the boy’s change in expression is because he feels the presence of the Lord. He shows an astounding resonance with the Lord despite being such a young age.

It is important to teach children about God from a young age so that they can fully embrace all His glory. Children who grow up in a positive God-fearing environment become positive, contributing members to God and society.

Since babies cannot understand spoken language, it is important to try and introduce them to the word of God through different mediums like a song. Knowing why Jesus is the only way is the way that children will be able to stick to their faith.

If your children do not come to have faith in Christ by the time they are teenagers, the likelihood that they do will begin to decrease.

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