Adorable Puppy Is Fired From The CIA For Being More Interested In Children Than Sniffing Bombs

Choosing a career can be a tough decision to make. A Labrador, named Lulu, faced the same dilemma. The US Intelligence Agency recently recruited her as a puppy for the training program. She was trained to be part of the bomb detection squad where they train puppies to sniff out bombs whenever there is a threat or a call. During her training, she suddenly has a switch of interest and always got distracted. The CIA considered this part of the normal behavior of puppies. They have psychologists come over and check the dog’s behavioral patterns.

Dog Behavioral Pattern As Explained By CIA:

The CIA explains that there can be many reasons why a dog doesn’t behave the way they are supposed to. In the case of Lulu, CIA appointed dog psychologists who could figure out what is troubling her and find a way to get her out of her zone. The puppies get bored very easily. Sometimes they need more challenges and playtime sometimes it can be the food that distracts them from the purpose. Once the root cause is found, the dogs are trained accordingly to get back to the job.

The Curious Case Of Lulu:

During the training, the trainers noticed that Lulu lost all her interest in sniffing bombs. She used to get confused very easily. Lulu was not responding well to the training of sniffing bombs even when the training was made more playful and the food was changed. The CIA realized this problem was not a temporary one in her case. She did not belong to the military world. Lulu was basically going by her instincts and found what she loves the most. It was people’s company that she enjoyed and thus the CIA decided to put her up for adoption where she can be around the right kind of people.

A loving family who has a Labrador of their own by the name Harry adopted her. Lulu is having the time of her life, playing around sniffing rabbits and squirrels. The CIA was heartbroken to the news of letting her go but it was for her happiness and well-being they decided to take this step. Lulu has a very strong personality and that is why she couldn’t take up the training that was given to her.

Dogs have an independent mind of their own. They can be trained to change their habits and behaviors but they cannot be trained to change their personality. Lulu loved to play with kids and sniff rabbits and squirrels in the backyard and that is what made her happy. She did not like the bomb sniffing and thus ended up getting delusional during most of her training. Her handler is taking good care of her and Lulu loves being part of their family. CIA said that they were deeply saddened by the incident that they had to let her go but they wish nothing but the best for her in the long run.

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UPS Drivers Now Have A Facebook Page Solely Dedicated To Their Canine Buddies

Postal workers probably have the most daunting job in the world. Sometimes it gets very mundane for them. UPS driver Sean McCarren has a different story to tell the world. He created a Facebook page that is dedicated to the furry buddies they meet every day while making their deliveries. When a person is working as a postal worker, the best part of their day would be to meet the dogs that belong to the customers. It is the best feeling in the world when a dog greets you because the way they express joy and love that even humans can’t.

Sean Mccarren – The Man Behind The Facebook Page:

Sean McCarren is a UPS driver by profession. He knows the drill of delivering the boxes and getting greeted by the furry buddies who know that he is coming. Over a period of time, the dogs become friendly with the UPS drivers. To their delight, the drivers also carry treats and munchies for these cute dogs. Sean McCarren came up with the idea to pay a tribute to these pets that have become a part of their daily schedule.

UPS Dogs:

The page UPS Dogs in a creation of Sean McCarren where the UPS drivers post adorable pictures of the dogs waiting for them while their postal work goes on. It gives a kind of positivity and happiness to the workers who work so hard ensuring the deliveries reach the customer on time. The delivery schedule can be very hectic for the drivers but along that time, they have gotten themselves familiarized with the customer’s pets and the page is proof of that. The group has been active for five years now and people thoroughly enjoy the pictures, which the postal workers have to share with the world.

Positivity is the key to having a healthy mind and life. Work stress is something that bothers people a lot these days. The constant driving and traveling can become a tedious job for the UPS workers after a while. The initiative that has been taken to make a Facebook page for the four-legged friends that the workers have made while delivering the parcels is mind-boggling. Dogs have the reputation to make a dull and mundane day into a fun one and it is amazing how the friendship with the UPS drivers have grown over the period of time. The bond that they share with the dog is exclusive and makes the workers look forward to the next day of work.

The Facebook page has an array of pictures and posts that the world can see and enjoy. The happiness of the dogs and the UPS drivers seem so evident when someone looks at the pictures. Truly, a dog is a man’s best and loyal friend. There is nothing that can stir the affection of a dog for his friend.

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