Senior Dogs Searching For New Home After Being Abandoned by Owners Inside Petco Bathroom

After being found abandoned in a restroom at Petco in Allen Park, Michigan, two senior dogs need a new home. No one knows for sure why these two older dogs have been abandoned, but everyone is hopeful that animal welfare workers will find them a loving and caring home. On March 2, two people with two dogs leashed but not wearing collars were seen inside the Allen Park Petco. Julie Sly, who was shopping at the store, said she saw an employee telling the couple that their dogs had to wear collars, and the pair replied that they had forgotten them. They just needed to pick up some items for the dogs, the couple said, and walked to the back of the store to the section selling the dog food.

UPDATE: These dogs were kept safe until rescue could come and get them. They are now with Poet Rescue group. If anyone…

Posted by Julie Sly on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Later that afternoon, an employee heard the sound of dogs crying and walked into the bathroom to find the two dogs alone, locked inside.

“This just makes me sick that someone could be so heartless to two sweet dogs,” Sly said on Facebook.

The dogs were kept safe and sound at Petco and later moved to P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue before being placed in emergency foster care.

The animal rescue staff can only guess as to why the dogs were abandoned.

They have given the dogs new names, and estimate that Marigold is between 10 to 12 years old and Daffodil is 7 or 8.

“They also look like they’ve been bred multiple times, just by the condition of how they look,” Lauren Boesen with P.O.E.T. rescue told WXYZ-TV.

“They do appear bonded,” Boesen said, “so we would like them to be kept together.”

On March 4, P.O.E.T. Rescue gave a status update on the pups, writing, “They are scared and confused but they are safe and warm. They are getting spoiled by all of our fabulous volunteers.”

“They will be evaluated by our vets, and once the legal stray hold is up we will get them whatever medical care they require.”

People interested in long-term foster care or adoption may formally apply online through the rescue’s website.

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