Mother Cried When She Saw Her Daughter Go To Prom Wearing This

This daughter gets to wear her dream dress just when her options went nil

Olivia Parker always played with her mom’s prom dress when she was growing up. Her mother, Brande Walker, had bought this dress at a very cheap price back in the day because the store was going out of business. Olivia used to  love this dress and it would engulf her completely when she was a kid. She always dreamt of the day when the dress would fit her perfectly.

But it never happened until one particular night when nothing else seemed to be going right for her.

Olivia had picked out a dress for her prom which was similar to the prom dress of her mom. She had always loved her mom’s dress, but it did never fit her right. The dress was always either hanging loose on her or was a little tight for her, so the dress always went back to the closet. Olivia sent the dress she chose to the dry cleaners so that it would be ready by the big day. But she was in for a shock when she went to collect it. The dress had a big dark crease, on the front and it looked as if it was burnt.

Purely dejected, without any alternative dress options and only a few hours left for the dance, she tried to ransack her closet. She removed all the dresses and out came with the dress of her childhood dreams, her mom’s prom dress. She grabbed it, and tried it on. It was probably destiny that the dress fit her perfectly in this moment.

She was so relieved and happy that she started to cry. Seeing her daughter get emotional, her mom also let out a few tears. They both reminisced about old memories. Even Olivia’s friends knew how important and significant that dress was for Olivia. Her best friend knew that Olivia badly wanted to wear it someday. So, even she let out a cry when she saw Olivia step out of the car, wearing the heirloom dress. Even though, her dress did not synchronize with her date’s outfit, the entire significance of wearing it was special.

Every daughter steps into her mom’s footsteps at some point of time. Maybe not just the footsteps, but dresses as well. So for Olivia, this was the night when she became like her mom. Prom night signifies the graduation to the next stage of growing adulthood. It was indeed a special moment and a memorable day for Olivia, who celebrated it with her favorite dress.

Mother-Daughter Relationship Statistics

Mothers and daughters share a very special relationship. The relationship statistics between the two confirm things that you might already be aware of. These statistics reveal how much your mother means one day, and how intolerable she becomes the next day. But, these statistics reveal behavioral patterns that help in strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters, which is definitely one of the most valuable relationships in this world.

True Inspiration

As per Psychology Today, almost 88% of the adults have confirmed that their moms have been a positive influence and a true inspiration in their lives. So, even if you think that you are repeatedly telling something to your young kid or a rebellious teenager, rest assured that she will learn a valuable lesson for life. Even if she doesn’t listen to you or gets angry at you for pestering her, your constant push will definitely help her in becoming more organized in the future. So, even if you have to keep telling her to clean her room or her cupboards, she will follow all that when she grows older.


A mother’s job is the most unappreciated, especially when the children are too young. In spite of telling the same story repeatedly every night to your daughter, the kid does not even utter a “Thank you”. Well, you are not completely alone in this. As per Psychology Today, about 88% of moms say that they are appreciated enough by their families for what they do. But, more than 10% moms still feel like some kind of house maid at the end of the day. The appreciation level keeps changing with time and with experiences. The daughter will ultimately end up appreciating you as she grows up.

Mom Vs Dad

As per Psychology Today, almost 60% of the women have confirmed that their moms have been more influential and inspirational in their lives as compared to their dads. Even though Dads play a significant role in their daughter’s lives, it’s the moms who end up making a lot of difference. So, a mom, who puts in so much of efforts in shaping up the daughter’s life through her toddler and teenage days can be happy to know this.

Future Bliss

Even though, your daughter might like to share all her secrets with her best buddies, likes to spend most of her time listening to music, or with friends, it’s not all sad news for the mothers who crave to be the most important person in their daughter’s life. As per Psychology Today, almost 92 % of the people have said that they had a good positive relationship with their moms. So, by the time your daughter becomes an adult, your relationship might bloom and might give you whatever that you had hoped for.

At the end of the day, a mother and daughter relationship is one of the most special relationships, and moms really play a huge role in shaping her daughter’s character.

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