Police Officer Find Tiny Baby Owl And Has The Most Adorable Conversation

We are thankful for our service men and women who protect and help us. They go above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes they help with animals stuck in trees, a pet in a local ditch, or in this case, an owl in the middle of the road.

Two officers were riding around and noticed something in the street. One policewoman went to get a closer look and had an interesting chat with the unique owl.

The Boulder Police Department posted images and a video on social media of the adorable meeting.

“Our deputies were driving when they were stopped in their tracks by this young Northern Saw-Whet Owl. After some curious head twisting (on both sides) it flew safely away,” they shared.

Fun comments and lighthearted jokes followed the post.

This type of bird is known for its large rounded head and small body. They are forest birds with very advanced hearing according to Wikipedia.

“Hey,” said the officer. “What’s up?”

The bird didn’t audibly respond with a noise or much reaction. It didn’t seem scared either. It just sat there and listened to the woman’s voice, occasionally moving its head. The owl seemed to be completely in awe of the officer. It’s cute to watch the birds expressions as it listened.

A little touch of nature made this officer’s day, and hopefully yours as well.

Thank God for animals! Amen!

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