Newlyweds Wedding Turns To Terror When Deadly Typhoon Comes Straight Toward Them

If there is anything we can be certain about life, it’s that life is full of uncertainties. In just a second, everything could take a turn for the worse or the better, and we can never see what the future holds for us. But with God by our side, we can face any uncertainty with our heads up.

Randy and Jennifer, a couple in the Philippines, were celebrating their wedding with their friends and family. Everyone was having a good time and everything was going well, until it didn’t. The most unexpected and frightening tragedy hit them on what was supposed to be their happiest day.

After their wedding ceremony, the couple, along with their guests headed off to their reception, where they were to celebrate the most important day of their lives. A cameraman was filming the entire event, and just as Jennifer, the bride, was about to toss her bouquet to a bunch of eager bridesmaids, everything took a turn for the worse.

The couple’s expression quickly changed from a beaming smile to that of a surprised and frightened one. It was then that they realized Typhoon Ompong was headed straight towards them. Their wedding was held on the day before the typhoon was expected to make landfall.

Just a few seconds later, there was a loud cracking sound. Windows shattered, there was a crash above the roof, and the lights went out in an instant. Screams of fear filled the room and everyone went into panic mode. Luckily, no one was hurt and the couple has profusely apologized to their guests.

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