Why It’s Important To Understand What Happens To Babies When You Keep Them Barefoot

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be intelligent. According to studies, there is a trick to make your baby smarter and help develop his or her brain. This is making parents everywhere question a decision they make every day.

Even before the baby learns how to walk, they likely have worn shoes.

This may seem logical but, according to studies, walking barefoot is beneficial for the child’s development. This can offer a number of benefits. The early years of a child’s life is when their sensory system is in full development. This is also the brain is adapting to learn and growing awareness of our five senses; touch, vision, hearing, smell, and taste.

Among the five senses, the sense of touch seems to be less popular compared to the others. According to a vitalistic chiropractor named Dr. Kacie Flegal, the two sensory systems, which are the proprioceptive system and the vestibular system, are extremely important. When we are walking barefoot, development of these systems improves drastically.

Proprioception is the ability to comprehend the motion and the positioning of the human body. The receptors in your joints, your muscles, and also your other tissues are working together to send signals to your brain. At the same time, the Vestibular system is responsible for maintaining the balance and coordination. This vestibular system determines your center of gravity.

According to experts, it is not a good idea to let your kids walk with their shoes 100% of the time. Walking barefoot provides sensory input data to the proprioceptive system and the vestibular system and to the brain. Our feet have extremely strong neurological connections and many sensory cells. Walking with shoes can prevent the sending of the tactile feedback to our body because the sensors are not stimulated.

Many parents think that when their kids are not wearing their shoes, they are injured easily. But, in reality, walking barefoot from time to time can improve coordination, as well as their spatial orientation skills. When the feet are appropriately stimulated, a higher development of their brain cells will occur, thus making them smarter.

Children are not the only ones who will benefit from walking without shoes. This is also a good idea for adults. Similar to what happens to the babies when walking barefoot, the proprioceptive system and the vestibular system will also be stimulated and new neural connections can still develop.

This means that if you are currently suffering from orientation and balance issues, try walking around the house without shoes and see if that helps things.

If you have ever tried walking barefoot in the park, you know how meditative it can be. Visit the park or spend some time in your yard and encourage them to walk on their feet.

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