Newborn Baby Looks As If They Are Walking Just Moments After Birth

Miracles happen all around us, every day. The miracle of life, the miracle of speech, the miracle of walking. God blesses us with many little miracles throughout our lives. This baby experienced two miracles at once! And the onlookers were nothing short of mesmerized. This newborn is clearly ahead of her time. She was already taking her first steps right after she emerged from her mom’s womb. The baby shocked her nurses as she tried to move her legs, imitating a walking motion. This moment was luckily caught on video and uploaded to social media. The excited viewers say that the child’s movement is nothing short of a miracle.

The nurse holding the child can be heard saying, “Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!” Someone else said, “Wait let me film this.” The nurse in the video said that all she was trying to do was give the baby a bath when all she wanted to do was get up and start walking. The baby simply refused to lie down and instead pushed up to her feet and immediately tried to walk. “Heavens above. If you told people what has just happened no one would believe it unless they saw it with their own eyes,” said the amazed nurse.  Watch the baby try and walk for yourself in the video clip below to see what everyone’s been talking about, and yes, it’s real.

And, even though the footage captured in this video looks crazy to us, doctors are now saying this medical marvel may not actually be that rare! After the video first surfaced, people were skeptical of it, but doctors have come forward in attempts to try and better explain what is really going on here. “This is a totally normal reflex that babies have,” Megan Heere, who is the assistant professor of pediatrics at Temple University and medical director at Temple’s Well Baby Nursery, said. “If anything, this video really highlights the reflex and is a good example of what normal babies do.”

In fact, according to the publication, infants actually possess a number of “primitive reflexes” that are apparent at birth. This is called the step or walking reflex, and it allows babies to “walk” if they are held upright with their feet touching a solid surface. This reflex is said to be present in infants for about the first two months of their lives. Daniela Corbetta, who is the director of the Infant Perception-Action Laboratory at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, explained that this reflex has been documented in newborns since the 1940s. However, she said that even though it looks like the baby is walking, it isn’t quite the same. “It looks like walking, but really is only a stepping motion,” Corbetta said. “This is very far from being able to walk.”

10 Amazing Things That Happen In A Newborn Baby’s Body

Children are indeed blessings from God! These tiny bundles of joy are the apple of our eye, but they are also so much more! In fact, these “tiny people” are always doing amazing things as they grow up and develop. And, some of these things are quite extraordinary! Here are some awesome facts you may not have known about what your newborn baby is really doing via Mom 365:

1. Babies are always listening — even before they’re born. Even a baby as young as two days old will recognize his mother’s voice, even if he only hears one single syllable.

2. Although your baby can cry at birth, you won’t usually see any tears for a few weeks or months. Tears can appear at three weeks, but some babies won’t have tears until they’re four or five months old. Stress hormones are found in tears and releasing these hormones is a way to calm your baby down. Stress tears are unique to people — no other animal has them.

3. Your baby has a specific cry that you can recognize just three days after birth. Researchers have found that a new mom can pick out her baby’s individual cry even if there are other crying babies in the room.

4. A baby can read tone and respond to it appropriately. If you speak to your baby in a happy voice, but with a scared tone, or in a mean voice with a smile, your baby will likely show signs of agitation.

5. Within 10 minutes after birth, your baby’s sense of hearing is sophisticated enough that he can determine where a sound is coming from.

6. A newborn has coping mechanisms to help if she becomes too cold or too hot. If a baby is cold, she will move around more to warm herself up. If she is hot, she will fling her arms and legs out of the side, as if she’s sunbathing. If you see your baby exhibit these behaviors, check the temperature!

7. Right after birth, a newborn’s pupils dilate. This helps parents fall in love with their new baby because this is a sign that she thinks you’re attractive.

8. A baby can smile instinctively. For years, experts thought a baby smiled because she was just copying the actions of those around her, but even blind babies can smile.

9. Your baby is connected to your emotions and your feelings — even before he’s born. Researchers had pregnant women listen to different types of music via headphones and then tracked their baby’s movements with an ultrasound. If the mom was listening to music that she enjoyed, the babies moved around more. While many babies move around when music is playing, the headphones meant that the babies were responding to their mother’s emotions and not the music itself.

10. Your newborn needs to be close to you and her entire body is designed to make you help her feel safe. Her sweet little nose, large eyes, round forehead, and chubby arms and legs are all designed to trigger an emotional response that elicits a feeling of fierce love and protection so you will do everything in your power to keep her feeling warm and safe. The next time you watch a cartoon, pay attention to how the artists depict a baby when they want him to look cute. Oftentimes, these features are exaggerated to draw out a response.

[Source/Mom 365]

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