Mother Told Her Baby Died at Birth. 69 Years Later, Tears Flow When They Meet

The gift of motherhood is something so special and amazing. Giving birth, adopting, or raising children not your own, it’s all magnificent. For some, those dreams are shattered at the loss of a child, including Genevieve Purinton.

At 18 years old Genevieve became pregnant. She was unmarried and gave birth to a little girl. Shortly after the delivery, she was given sad news.

“I said I wanted to see the baby,” she remembered. “They told me she died.”

The little girl was, in fact, healthy and perfectly fine. She was adopted by a family in California with the name Connie Moultroup.

Connie had some difficult times with her adopted family. Her mother passed away young and her dad found love again. The new wife and Connie didn’t have the best relationship. It led her to daydream about her biological mother often.

Connie’s daughter, Bonnie Chase explained. “She would fantasize about her mother rescuing her since she was 5-years-old. It’s truly her lifelong dream.”

Chase wanted to help her mother find family members and bought a DNA test for them.

“I discovered I had a first cousin whose mother was named Genevieve Purinton,” Connie shared. “When we talked on the phone, she said, ‘That’s my aunt’s name and she’s still alive.’”

The two spoke on the phone and mom and daughter had their first meeting.

Before this blessed moment, Genevieve assumed she had no family alive, especially not the baby she had 69 years ago.

There is still no answer as to why the medical staff told her the baby passed away.

The two have a striking resemblance to each other and are both truly thrilled.

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