Man’s Powerful Testimony of Coming Back After Seeing Heaven And Hell

Retired Canadian pilot Jim Woodford was an astute, ambitious businessman. He spent his life focused on his career and on amassing things. Jim would often awake in the night with a yearning he attributed to wanting more – more planes, more money, more stuff. He was not a Christian, though his wife was.

One night he awoke not with any thoughts of buying a new jet, but of unbearable pain and numbness in his extremities. Doctors diagnosed him with Guillain-Barre – a rare condition in which the immune system strips away the protective lining of your spinal cord and attacks your nerves. It wracks the body with pain and causes muscle weakness and in some cases paralysis. It is incurable.

One day, when the pain from the disease was too much, and his tolerance for the prescriptions was too high, he took too many pills at once. Seconds before he slipped into unconsciousness, he prayed three words, “God, forgive me!” from a place inside of him he’d never acknowledged.

Soon he was experiencing an out of body sensation, flying over the earth and then through a tunnel of light. He arrived in heaven and while there also saw hell. As he looked into the crevice of hell and saw a demon-like creature coming for him, he prayed “God, help me,” and immediately angels were on the scene. The demon retreated.

Jesus commissioned Jim to tell others about his experience and sent him back to earth to do so.
Watch this video of Jim telling his story and for the full experience, buy his book, “Heaven, An Unexpected Journey.”

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