Family Secretly Adopts Orphan And Their Reunion Is So Touching

An 11-year-old orphan is reuniting with his forever family and it was the moment of a lifetime.

Over the summer, The Barkey family hosted a young boy from Colombia named Sebastian. He spent the entire summer with JoBen and Amanda Barkey and their four children, Asher, Judah, Jameis and Mishayla.

Sebastian grew up in an orphanage so traveling to California was an incredible experience. At the end of the summer, Sebastian had to say goodbye to his hosting family and go back to Colombia. The scene at the airport on the day of Sebastian’s departure was full so many tears, but what this little boy didn’t know was that The Barkeys were keeping a huge secret from him. The family had secretly wanted to adopt Sebastian, but they were unable to tell him because of the laws in Colombia. Once the paperwork was finished and finalized, the family facetimed the young boy to ask if he wanted to officially become a part of their family.

After Sebastian accepted, the entire Barkey family flew over to Colombia to welcome the newest addition to their family. This emotional video captures the exact moment that Sebastian is reunited with his brand new family and it’s full of all the emotions. This 11-year-old will be at his forever home just in time for the holidays. This was definitely a Christmas that no one will ever forget. I’m so glad this young boy is getting the love that he truly deserves.

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