Mother Shares Warning After Daughter’s Face Slashed by Ceiling Fan While on Bunk Bed

Having fun with friends is a major part of growing up, but far too often, accidents happen during these playful times.

Taya was similar to any other little girl. She was having a great time at a birthday party playing with her friends, when this happened.

At the sound of her seven-year-old daughter's piercing scream, Elizabeth raced inside to see Tanya clutching her face with blood pouring down her cheek. WARNING: Confronting images

Posted by Kidspot on Monday, December 10, 2018

During the party, she climbed up on the bunk bed in her friend’s bedroom and started to have a little fun playing with her friend. Another kid has apparently turned on the ceiling fan, and that’s when the trouble began.

The ceiling fan was spinning soft enough that Taya didn’t see it and it suddenly hit her in the face.

Elizabeth Louise, the girl’s mother, quickly called an ambulance in panic. They were rushed to a nearby hospital, where Taya turned to her mom and said, “I don’t want to look ugly.”

Louise shared pictures on Facebook along with a dire warning to other parents.

Taya needed immediate plastic surgery for the massive wound, which caused nerve damage, according to Louise’s post. Taya also is currently unable to smile and has lost feeling on that side of her face.

“I’m heartbroken for her knowing she will have a massive scar across her face,” Louise said, according to Kidspot. “Hopefully (this) can be fixed but we won’t know if it is for a couple months.”

The Facebook post has gone viral, showing the dangerous consequences of ceiling fans and bunk beds. Louise’s post has been shared over 1,000 times and has more than 100 comments with thousands of reactions as of Thursday morning.

Fellow parents chimed in:

“Poor thing that’s horrible, Liz hope she recovers well with minimal scarring sending my love,” one mother wrote to Elizabeth.

“My heart breaks seeing this!!!” another commenter wrote.

Louise thanked everyone for their comments and kind words, and shared that Taya is doing much better a few days after the accident.

“My little princess is out of surgery and feeling good,” she wrote in an updated comment. “She is one brave girl definitely braver than mummy. All she wanted to do when she woke was to colour in and eat pancakes.”

Despite her daughter doing better, Louise has a message for parents: “Please please don’t have bunk beds near a ceiling fan.”

We can all learn something here!

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