Mom Spots ‘Free’ Ring on Windshield — Soon Realizes It’s All A Sick Trick

Human trafficking is a dark and sinister part of our world that is devoid of God-given compassion and goodness. Often times young girls are abducted and brought into the human trafficking trade, but it can happen to anyone. People have gone missing from public places like parking lots in malls, street corners, and alleys at night. The traffickers often target individuals who are alone. In these times we must pray for God’s kindness and for those victimized by this foul trade. In a recent viral Facebook post, Savannah Nguyen recounts the harrowing experience her mother recently had at the parking lot of Macy’s. “I strongly urge everyone to tell your loved ones about this scenario, whether it be your daughter, son, sister, brother, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or friends—and/or share this post and get the word out,” she writes.

Savannah’s mother was parked at Macy’s at the mall in Appleton. She was all by herself and engrossed in her phone while she left the store. After getting into her car, she was still staring at her phone when she noticed a large white SUV with tinted windows park right next to her car. She thankfully has a natural habit of always locking her doors while getting in. While driving back towards her home, she heard something tap on her windshield. After getting home she found out that there was a red ring with a note tucked under her windshield wiper.

This ring was actually meant to lure Savannah’s mother out of the car. This is how traffickers catch unsuspecting individuals. Who knows what might have happened if she had gotten out of the car to check the ring at the parking lot.

Kindly share this story with as many people as possible. We must spread awareness about the evils of human trafficking and methods of staying safe!

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