Mom reported missing – five days later she’s found in a car wreck

It was completely a mystery to her family. Robin Fancher had left in her car to make a trip to the post office on Wednesday April 17 – but she never came back.

The Alabama woman was reported to the authorities as missing three days later, and her family had feared that she may have been kidnapped.

Five days later, a passerby spotted what appeared to be the scene of a wreck and a damaged car off the side of the road.

After alerting authorities, first responders struggled to find her car as it was only slightly visible in the overgrown grass at the side of the road.

When first responders discovered Robin she was conscious and pinned to the car door such that she couldn’t get out on her own.

Chief Pete Webb, from Dothan Fire Department, told ABC News, “the main challenges was where the car was and where the victim was pinned against the driver’s door.

“It was off the road and it was difficult to get the car to pull around her.”

Emergency crews worked for over an hour to get her out of the car.

Many cars must have passed by before one passerby alerted the police! What a miracle!

Robin had multiple injuries and is now recovering in the hospital.

Police said they don’t think weather was a factor in the crash and have yet to discover how she was able to survive for five days.

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