She goes to hospital with burst of pain, then discovers baby behind her ribs and goes into labor

Michigan Woman Discovers She’s Pregnant as She Goes into Labor

A Mid-Michigan mom of three welcomed her fourth child into the world recently, and while the birth of any child is cause for celebration, forty-one-year-old Kelly Yakich didn’t even know she was pregnant.

Kelly woke one morning with some discomfort that felt like constipation and then the pain began When she arrived an ultrasound confirmed she was pregnant, and after a few hours of labor, delivered a healthy baby boy, Gunnar Jaxson Yakich.

“Woke up not feeling good like I had to go to the bathroom, nothing out of the ordinary. Then I had a big burst of pain,” Kelly said.

Gunnar, all 6 pounds, 4 ounces of him, did not even cause a “bump” and doctors believe this is because the baby developed behind her ribs, near her back.

Kelly regularly took the Depo-Provera shot as birth control, so not having her regular period did not cause her to question anything. To everyone’s surprise, there were no other pregnancy symptoms.

“I didn’t have any pains. I didn’t feel any movements,” Kelly said.

Kelly and her husband are returning to life with a new normal – four children instead of three, but oddly enough, this is not their first surprise pregnancy.

Several years ago, in 2013, Kelly found out she was pregnant just three weeks shy of her delivery date.

The couple had no solid plans for the weekend but looks like God did. We are so glad to hear mom and Gunnar are doing well and the family is thrilled by the newest addition.

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