Mom Is Brought Back To Life After Hearing Her Newborn Cry

Giving birth is a true miracle. Bringing a beautiful new life into this world is an experience like no other and the perfection of God’s work is too clear to miss. The world is full of miracles, some more subtle than others, but when it comes to the miracle of life, we experience the true power of God.

Jeremy and Shelly Cawley were supposed to be celebrating the happiest day of their lives when their baby Rylan was born, but things went horribly wrong. Shelly had to undergo an emergency C-section from which she would not wake up. The baby was healthy but Shelly had complications that made the doctors fear that they had lost her for good. As Shelly lay in a coma, life was slowly slipping away from her. Then, Nurse Ashley Manus decided to try something different. Placing baby Rylan on her mother’s chest, Ashley hoped that the skin to skin contact and the baby’s cry would revive her mother.

Rylan loved the feel of her mother’s body so much that she fell asleep. A little tickling and even a few tiny pinches finally got Rylan to cry and her mother’s reaction was instant. The monitors showed Shelly’s vital signs improving and there was finally a ray of hope. We are happy to say that Shelly made a full recovery and over three years later is happily caring for her little Rylan. The mother and child bond is the strongest bond between two humans and powerful enough to even give life.

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