Mom Of Autistic Daughter Reaches Out On Social Media WIth Strange Request, Then Gets 80 Packages From Around The World

The bond between a mother and child is truly unique. It is something that strengthens each one of us and it is a small reminder of the divine love God has for us. For Deborah Skouson, her daughter Cami is the center of her life. Cami is autistic and Deborah does everything to keep her little girl happy. One day, she saw that her daughter’s favorite shirt had lost all of its bright pink color and had become almost unusable. The pink shirt with the floral pattern had been her daughter’s favorite shirt for years. Deborah made sure to stock this shirt from Target, but as years passed by all her shirts started fading and the store no longer stocked the shirt.

Deborah knew how fixated Cami was on the shirt so she reached out to 500 people on Facebook. She explained the entire story to them and included the model name and collection year and requested anyone who had the shirt to sell it to her for her daughter’s joy. Social media being the powerful tool it is managed to spread the message across the globe and the post was shared a thousand times. Soon a local news station picked it up after which it was shared more than 22,000 times. Eventually, 80 people from all over the world sent the famous pink shirt to Deborah’s house free of cost and she is expected to be getting some more. Deborah expressed her gratefulness to all the wonderful humans who managed to make the time and effort to help her and her daughter out.

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