Man Lives Rent-Free For 22 Years In Giant Sandcastle

We often ask God for happiness. However, we fail to understand that happiness is not a gift that is given to us, but a state of being that we create for ourselves. Happiness depends entirely on us – if we want to receive the grace of God, we will. Jesus found his happiness in doing the will of God, even if it meant death on the cross.

Marcio Mizael Matolias is one of the best examples of finding happiness even in the smallest of matters. Marcio has been living in a sandcastle for the last 22 years – yes, a sand castle! Marcio has built a structure using just wood and sand, large enough to house him, his books and other essentials. Life in a sandcastle is not always easy, of course, what with the problems caused by high-tides on the beach where he lives, the rain, and the heat. But Marcio, known as “the king” to people around is happy with his life, glad that he has shelter without having to pay huge amounts of money as rent! Financial issues did not let him down, pushing him instead to think of new ways to live. “People pay exorbitant rents to live in front of the sea, I do not have bills and here I have a good life,” he chips, cheerfully.

Marcio is an example of how we can find a reason to smile even when things are not going our way. We may not all be able to live in sandcastles like Marcio, but we can definitely make a better effort at making those blues go away.

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