Mom Gives Birth To Twins But 2 Decades Later Realizes Hospital Switched Them At Birth

This is probably one of the most unusual true stories you’ll ever hear.

In fact, it plays out exactly like a soap opera. In this particular story, we are first introduced to William Canas Velasco, who was born alongside his fraternal twin, Wilber, back in December of 1988. The two men grew up as brothers, but a series of chance encounters later in life would force William to look at Wilber in a whole new light.

One day William was working in a butcher’s shop in Bogata, Columbia when he saw his cousin’s girlfriend, Janeth Paez, walk into the store with her friend, Laura. However, when Laura spotted William chopping up pigs feet behind the counter, she mistook him for her coworker, Jorge Enrique Bernal Castro.

Laura’s colleague is a highly skilled engineer, so she was surprised to see him wielding a butcher’s knife. Laura waved at him, but he barely acknowledged her. Laura told Janeth that she knew the guy, and he wasn’t actually a butcher – he was just be pretending to be one! Yet, Janeth insisted that she’d known William for a very long time, and the dedicated young man was practically married to his job at the meat counter.

Since Laura knew every line, smile, and feature of her colleague’s face, she was utterly confused by the situation. The two men appeared to be one and the same. Laura kept quiet, and figured that Jorge was just ashamed about his moonlighting job. Yet, when Laura approached Jorge at work the next day and asked him why he had been playacting at being a butcher, he was stunned.

Jorge then told Laura that he has a fraternal twin named Carlos, but the two look and act nothing alike, so it couldn’t have been his “real” twin that she had met. It was just a coincidence that someone else out there had a similar appearance.

However, after Laura showed Jorge a photo of William the butcher, Jorge couldn’t deny what he was seeing. The coworkers finally realized that a Sherlock Holmes style mystery was afoot! Was this an unusual tale of “accidentally switched at birth?”

After digging a little deeper, Jorge found a photo on Facebook of William and Wilber posing next to each other. The mirror resemblance was both uncanny and unsettling. If he didn’t know better, Jorge would have thought it was a picture of himself, and his own fraternal, brother, Carlos!

Now that he had definitive proof, Jorge finally let the cat out of the bag and showed Carlos the photo of their twins from another dimension. Jorge and William were an exact match, while Carlos and Wilber were also identical to each other. Incredibly, Carlos was furious and wanted to know who these impostors were!

Jorge and Carlos soon came to the realization that two sets of identical twin brothers must have somehow been switched at the hospital, with one boy from each set going home with the wrong mother. Carlos instinctively knew that he was the genetic odd man out, since his facial features differed from the rest of the family.

On the flipside, William the butcher laughed with glee when Janeth showed him a photo of his doppelganger, Jorge. He thought it was a riot that someone else out there looked exactly like him!

It turns out that all four boys were born prematurely at the same hospital, where the mix-up occurred. But, the how’s and why’s of the past didn’t seem to matter to the men as much as the present. Soon after the amazing discovery, the four brothers agreed that it was time to meet each other in person. Naturally, Jorge was apprehensive, and told the BBC:

“I was scared, because there were two people who looked exactly like my brother and me, but at the same time, I didn’t know who they were. My biggest fear was that they could be bad people.”

Of course, Jorge’s fears were unwarranted, and their first meeting was filled with tons of questions and friendly jokes about each other. That’s when the identical twins discovered that their personalities and tendencies were quite similar. Jorge and his real twin, William, had identical matching white phones, whereas Carlos and Wilber both exhibited flirtatious behavior, and were great dancers!

These “four brothers” have all grown closer to each other since their first encounter, and they’re even planning on buying a house and traveling together. Thanks to the hospital mix-up, this story of brotherly love has quadruple the amount of happy endings!



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